What?? Where??

Keith, I read this on your LINKS page:

My italics. I have a brand new Mac. WHERE is my free OmniOutliner hiding??

Just wondering… :wink:

Sadly, OmniGroup stopped giving out a free copy with new Macs several years ago, but you can download a trial copy from omnigroup.com/


Damn. :smiling_imp:
Never mind, Mark, I was planning to buy it anyway. I am enamored of Omni Focus and figure anything by that group is a winner.

OmniOutline would be great if you could in any way filter the entries. For example, “show everything with ‘John’ in column ‘POV’”. That would be a killer. And isn’t it obvious? But not even the pro version has it.

I had outliners in MS-DOS that could do that. Easily. So, I am not too enthousiastic.

Although the program looks beautiful. That’s true.

Hi Andreas.

I had outliners in MS-DOS that could do that. Easily.


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TAO has filters, and clones.

But it’s less pretty, and the experience is more jagged.


Think Tank, for example. Or Lotus Agenda - one of the most sophisticated programs ever written (the DOS thing, not the Windows time management program, imitating a Filofax on screen, which was published under the same name). Not to talk about Ecco (Windows-program).

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There is a long thread in the OmniOutliner forum following a call for comments on filtering, cloning and aliasing as possible attributes of OO4 when they finish it.


I don’t think there’s any word on what’s finally going to be in it or when it will be released … no sneakypeeks yet.


Think Tank was the precessor of Grandview, right? Tried it a few years ago in a DOS box on a Windows PC, got nostalgic about Wordperfect 5.1, and dropped it.

I did use Ecco for some years. Too bad, development had been stopped. In the meantime, a French developer wrote an information manager called InfoQube that was largely influenced by Ecco.

Don’t get blown away by the wind :wink:

I own OmniOutliner, but for outlining reports or reviews, I use Pages '09.
My template has a title and 3 headings (bold, italic, plain) in 12-point TNR.
Copy attached for those who may find it useful.
Unzip and drop in User:Library:Application Support:iWork:Pages:Templates
outline.template.zip (72.6 KB)

Trying not to sound too stupid, but it’s difficult… I love a good useful hint, so I downloaded the outline template. However, my application support under iWork shows only Numbers, not Pages or Keynote. posting.php?mode=reply&f=15&t=6620#I do have them, honest, they are in my applications folder.

So now what? I’m afraid I’ve reached my level of incompetence here (but at least it keeps me from writing).

sorrel -

Like you all I had was a Numbers folder in that location, because I had not created any templates in Pages. I created folders (following the same pattern as in the Numbers folder): Pages > Templates > My Templates and then dropped in druid’s outline template.

I opened Pages, clicked on “New from Template Chooser …” and there it was at the very bottom under “My Templates”.

Good luck :wink:


Thanks for your help, Karen. Now I know something new. I made the folders. Then it turned out the template was for '09, and I have '08 (and believe me, I’m too cheap to upgrade). However, I see in the pages menu how easy it would be to save my own template (as easy as it is in Scrivener), so I may do that.

This forum has been so helpful to me…