Whatever Happened to Mark O'Neill?

Just about a year and a half ago, Mark “MovieDraft” O’Neill (at least, I think that’s his last name) suddenly vanished from the Internet. His MovieDraft software was packaged with Scrivener for a while, so I was hoping someone on the Scrivener team (or anyone else on here, too) might know what’s become of him.

I’d like to get hold of him if possible.

His software had a lot of promise, but it just doesn’t get updated any more and has completely stalled. I regretted my purchase as I ran into so many situations where the software crashed and missing features. I’ve moved on to Fade In Pro for my screenwriting and haven’t looked back. I use Scriverner for some planning, but I write in Fade In or using Fountain Markup and back into Fade In.

For dedicated screenwriting software, there are 4 worth looking at a reasonable price. Fade In Pro, Highland, Slugline and WriterDuet. Final Draft sucks, is buggy and too expensive. :smiling_imp:

Good luck getting a hold of Mark. Doesn’t answer emails and doesn’t reply on the forums.

One of his last blog entries, from a year ago, refers to “the Black Dog” as a chronic problem, or depression. In another entry, he admits to having problems running a software business. I hope that he finds either a companion or manager who can help him out. moviedraft.com/us/forum/coc … breakfast/

BTW, you should try Scrivener itself for drafting and formatting screenplays. I never found Final Draft to offer that much value, and their frequent “updates” don’t bring improvements.

Thanks for replying, Troy and Druid.

I knew he hadn’t posted in a long time which is why I’ve started looking for him. I just hope he hasn’t done anything drastic. I exchanged email with him once a couple of years ago and he seemed like a great guy.

Share your concerns. About a year ago I had an exchange with Mark here in the forum: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/slugline-screenwriting-app/22100/1.
At that time he seemed very much into what he was doing.