What's the ClipboardCapture.exe for?

There is an exe file in the Scrivener directory called: ClipboardCapture.exe

This program can help us debug editor issues related to the various forms of cut and paste into the editor.

If you copy something to the clipboard, then run this program, a blank screen will display, simply press CTRL+V to paste the contents of the clipboard onto the blank window of the ClipboardCapture.exe.

You will prompted to select a folder. Do so. A series of documents will be created depending on the contents of the clipboard in the folder you selected.

Zipping these files up and sending them to us can really help narrow down finding bugs in the RTF engine related to cut and paste.


Here ya go. You need my original test file as well? I copied/pasted the first document in it. (Starts with Whee.)
scriv-clip-test.zip (4.99 KB)

Hope this helps, holler if you need more information.
ClipboardCapture.zip (20.4 KB)