What's the difference between File Group and Folder

When you choose File/Export Draft… from the menu you are presented with dialog box. In the lower right corner there is a part called “Contents” where you can choose checkboxes aligned in three columns. The columns are entitled Files, File Groups and Folders.
My question is: What is the difference between “File Groups” and Folders? (other than a different icon in the Binder)

None, really. Only the icon, and the fact that it offers you different navigation options (via preferences) and export options. A file group is really just a text document into which you have dragged other text documents as children. It then becomes a “file group”. You can convert it to a folder (and back again) via the Documents menu, if you so wish.

Basically, it is just there to offer you different visual ways of structuring your project and different ways of setting up complicated projects for export.


Good answer, thanks.