What's the difference between those two?

What’s the difference between those two, and why is the bottom one not active (grayed out)?

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“Save Options to File” will save ALL options to file.
“Save Options to File for Theme” will save only the Theme related options. Useful to users who want to extend the Scrivener Themes.
“Save Theme to File…” will save the current Theme and the current Options + Colors into a new file. A Theme must be loaded. This is useful when you want to edit and use elsewhere an already existing Theme.

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Not in my tests. They both only allow me to save a .Prefs file that seems to include just about all preferences. The saved files are nearly identical except the first one includes lines about the Scratchpad and Backup that the “…for Theme” command does not.

Yes, and this is a big difference, which will be even bigger in the future. You do not want the Backup folder in your Theme files, shared with others.

You missed my point, which is “Save Options to File for Theme” does not save only the Theme related colors like you said–it saves 99% of what Prefs does. Here are some randomly-selected settings the “…for Theme” command saved that either I would not want to share or I would not want overridden if I loaded someone else’s theme:


Yes, you are correct, it is theme related Options, not Colors. The post is edited.

Is the Author’s name supposed to be part of a theme? Doesn’t that affect the corresponding placeholder tag? I would think that if I create a theme and share it, and some famous author uses that theme, they won’t want their manuscript to read “by Robert K Rowling” when they compile…

I had to read this explanation multiple times before I understood the difference. The wording is confusing to me. Might I suggest that the first option be renamed to “Save Theme Options to File” ? This makes word order consistent with the other option, while, in my mind, also making it more clear what options are actually being saved.