what's the new applejack

Ok Ioa/AmberV (I’m still not over that), I’m hating yosemite performance after updates to kext. I’ve got it down to vbox, yose, and other core things. AppleJack used to make clearing kext caches trivial for lazy folks who don’t want to figure out the inner working of darwin (why I went to osx from linux).

So, what are my options here?

and yes, i’ve done the complete uninstall, reinstall, disk repairs, etc. This seems to be kext issues.

and yes, I’m being lazy. Figure you’re smarter than me. I find following your advice is generally the best bet. :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: :confused: Wot’s :unamused: that about? Bad hair-day, or are you writing SF now? Over-imbibing probably. Y’ve gone to the dogs alt’gether since you rejoined the Confederacy.

My love/hate relationship with Yosemite continues, so I’m watching this thread with great interest.

Allow me to quote a moron…

You have “love”? I had a momentary infatuation. But … then the beer goggles came off.

When yose is fresh and you only do ONE thing with it (say vm server) it is decent. A bit faster actually. But once you try to use it for development and vm (not simultaneously) then you start running into all kind of BS in apple land. I’m seriously considering going back to linux over this one OS upgrade. It is requiring almost as much effort to keep “happy” as linux. But linux isn’t suffering the rapid performance degradation that yose is.

And yes, i’m being pissy about it.

In a word, yes. And the love would be even more intense if I had newer machine that could make use of some of the Yosemite magic (e.g. handoff). I think that, overall, Yose looks better than Mavericks and some of its features are helpful – being able to type SMSs via Messages is a feature that, on its own, was worth the upgrade.

Yosemite is as stable as… [don’t you hate it when you can’t think of a really good analogy, or even any relevant high school chemistry?] …as Australia’s recent run of prime ministers.

I understand. When not posting on a public forum I’m not nearly as polite. When my system freezes, hangs, panics, or simply runs as if its logic board is dipped in electron-slowing molasses, I have been known to say some creative phrases that might even make vic-k blanch (if I can’t type, I might as well read poetry. Out loud).

At least some of the problems seem to be due to kexts, there’s undoubtedly pebkac, the rest seems to be mysterious demon dust that Yosemite sprinkles on random programs of need: Safari, Numbers, Contacts, Preview, Evernote (to prove it’s not just Apple apps). Reproducible? While I can now bring Safari to it’s knees with little effort (whereas it used be almost unsinkable) almost all of the other apps are randomly flaky. It’s almost like they draw straws to determine who’s going to play games with me first. The rest then throw dice to determine if they’ll join in (bringing a whole new meaning to “crash the party”) or if they’ll just sit back and feign innocence (“Numbers has hung again? Really? Third time this hour? Well, we’re still working fine, so must be something you’ve done”).

It’s probably a combination of demon dust, electron molasses and malevolent software intelligence…

Oh, bother! I was all psyched up to upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite this weekend, and now I’m scared to.

Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Listen luv, girls don’t understand computer thingies like wot us lads do. So I wouldn’t bovver if I was you.

But Yosemite’s so shiny! :wink:

Well … If you’re determined to go down the ‘Y’ route, buy y’self the new Macbook 12in. Yosemite comes pre-installed. youtube.com/watch?v=KHZ8ek-6ccc

Honestly… I wouldn’t. Not if you really need reliable performance.

Irony aside, I think vic-k is actually right. In my case the install was a wipe and install. So it has to be somehow related to the older HW I’m running (mbp13 e11 (8,1)). If that’s this case, this is a clear sign that Apple is turing into MS with planned obsolescence in OSX.

We’ve run Yosemite on a 2007 iMac, a 2008 MBP, and a 2012 MBA since launch (the first two on the beta release cycle) … haven’t had an app or system crash to date (or not one that I can remember). Faster than Mavericks.

Briar(n), what’s your use look like? graphics? vm? just trying to typify the differences in use that might be influencing my (and apparently nom’s) dissatisfaction.

I can’t think of any performance harming gremlin that would persist beyond a disk format and clean install. But not to worry! 10.10 is already essentially obsolete. It is almost time for DP1 of OS X “Puente Hills” 10.11.

Hmm, is the MBP running on SSDs? Maybe the media is getting old.

Very light compared to you. VMware Fusion occasionally running XP. Little bit of video processing in iMovie. Other than that … Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Scrivener, Marked, Writer, Photos, Messages, FaceTime, iTunes, etc.

Clear kext caches requires a trip to terminal:

sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions

and if you are willing to risk using the kextcache command directly (please read man page first and heed the warning):

sudo kextcache -f -update-volume /

You can use the excellent ONYX to automate this and other cache cleaning if you think that may help:


I miss Applejack too! But some of this cache cleaning is really just a bit of placebo activity.

I did a standard upgrades from mountain lion > mavericks > yosemite beta > yosemite over time and my macbook is fast and sprightly, no performance problems (just some of the well known bluetooth and wifi problems which I’ve worked round). I’ve upgraded several machines to yosemite with similar lack of performance issues. One had significant performance issue in mavericks AND yosemite but that was because it had been browser hijacked with a nasty trojan (first I’ve ever seen on a Mac!!!)

I’m running Yosemite on a late 2009 iMac with 4G of RAM. I’ve been running it since the earliest developer betas. I’ve upgraded the base system after golden master for the last 4 or 5 major updates with no special procedures.

No problems. Text fine; video fine; web fine; sound fine; Photoshop et. al. with big stuff fine (100+M); Python, Java, Xojo fine; FMP Dev fine. Don’t run VMs.

Odd startups every once in a while. Safari occasionally goofy.

I don’t remember the details but if you want to duplicate a portion of the splendid Applejack, start in Safe Mode (hold the shift key down during a cold start) and then restart after login. Onyx is great stuff, too.

In general, my view is don’t tweak. Use the factory-delivered system; don’t skin; don’t install low-level third-party enhancements; don’t personalize your system with gewgaws whose purpose escapes you after a year.

Just install Scrivener and write. The writing part’s the most important, you know; not the ever so cool twitter overlay window on the right with blackletter initial caps in mauve for each entry.



Dave, I’m with you on “stock”. Problem is that for me “stock” is heavy on vm and dev tools for non-osx stuff. I “think” the issue is somewhere in the stack of abnormality that is my normal use.

Yes. Except for kext. Unless it has changed (and I admit to being too lazy to verify) the kext cache will still cause kernel slowdowns if there are conflicts between versions of an extension. This was common under Snow Leopard and was always attributable to … bad installers. Which is likely still the cause.

Thanks for the tips on the term. Clearly my darwin-foo is in need of … more foo.

Yes. Except for kext. Unless it has changed (and I admit to being too lazy to verify) the kext cache will still cause kernel slowdowns if there are conflicts between versions of an extension. This was common under Snow Leopard and was always attributable to … bad installers. Which is likely still the cause.

Thanks for the tips on the term. Clearly my darwin-foo is in need of … more foo.
Touch was all that was needed. Boot time down to 22 secs from ~90.

Looks like I need to start rebooting post updates to see which POS app it is that keeps breaking things.