What's up with the question marks?????

Hello. I am still new to Scrivener and have a new problem. I wrote a document in OpenOffice, saved it as a doc file (I’ve heard that docx is better but don’t have that option), and imported it in Scrivener. Almost everything’s fine, except one thing: there are question marks in places they weren’t in the OpenOffice document. Most of these question marks are beside either a dash or quotations (again, not where I put them). It’s like they magically turned up for no reason. Everything else seems fine, though.

Sounds like a problem importing smart quotes or smart dashes. Have you tried changing the quotes and dashes to regular quotation marks and double hyphens in the .odt file before importing?

Also try toggling the setting to use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice for .doc and .docx conversions in the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options. This is definitely an encoding/import issue, so that might help. If that doesn’t work, try saving the file as RTF from OpenOffice and importing that; it may fair better with the smart quotes, although the RTF output from OpenOffice can be so-so at times.