What's your favorite storyette

A storyette is a little story. Here’s a little story as told by Joseph Cambell:

Snow White, was’nt.


This is my favorite. I always cry when I hear it.

I first read this story in the book “Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna”, by Swami Nikhilananda.

All these little stories can be read at two levels. The naive level and a deep level. The deep level has the power of changing our lives.

“Every story you tell is your own story”–Joseph Campbell

A woman dying of cancer grabbed the sleeve of a cancer researcher and said, “Live your life, every delicious moment of it”.

From the book “The story of you”, by Steve Chandler.

I’m also fond of this little story by PKD:

Bob!! can`t you anything with this guy?

He`s in need of some kind of guidance!

There must be something you can do for him! [size=50]or to him[/size]

Hehe, no need

Well all I can say then, is, Providence look after the kangaroos, when hes around.` :open_mouth:

Heh heh, I wish I was capable of such casual insanity, but alas that’s a story by California’s own Philip K. Dick, called ‘The Story to End All Stories’, written for one of Harlan Ellison’s anthologies in the 70s.

I suspect it was scribbled off on the outro of his famous ‘21 short stories, 3 novels’ year, driven mostly by the two-pronged barbs of divorce and amphetamine addiction.

Msieur Clangy B tis not the tales provenance that the fool Vic-k questions, but the state of mind` of someone who would choose it as his favourite short tale! Hence his fear for the well being of the innocent roos. :open_mouth:

Food for thought M`sieur…Oui?..Non?

Sincère amitiés
Le D :smiling_imp:

I read this story in Dale Carnegies book “How to win friends and influence people”

This story has been told in countless management books, but it’s so good I’ll tell it again.

Ah, I can, how do you say…live with that :smiling_imp:

M’sieur woofy, your concern is a compliment in a twisted sort of way, and that I love. Fear not for the Roos, they are far from innocent. Mean bastards they are, with a kick that could put a hole through a car door. Any, shall we say, amorous intentions from any sort of fellow would likely result in, ah, deserved injury.

I hate it when I cry while I’m sitting in my office.

This is priceless. As the father of three sons, I hope I can learn this lesson and NOT forget it.

Thank you.

amen! truly, amen :slight_smile:

Take care