When can we expect Scrivenings Mode to work?

For me, the most crucial function of Scrivener is the ability to break the text into small pieces and edit them together in any combination I want.

Since the documents in scrivenings mode are not editable at the moment, I can’t even begin to test the beta properly.

So my question is: When can we expect Scrivenings Mode to work in the beta?


You might as well ask, “When will Windows v3 be released?” because the answer will likely be the same: When it’s ready. :smiley:

ETA: But I’m in agreement with you, editable Scrivenings is the feature I’ve been most waiting for as well!!

Me too

I am in the same boat here. I have a very long novel broken down in to chapters. Without Scrivenings Mode I can’t beta test as it is the most important function.

Honestly, version 3 is about 2 or more years behind. I am looking at competitors products and migrating away from scrivener.

I think you’re wrong. I think Win v3 will be released by year end. But frankly, even if it’s not, I’m fine with 1.9.7.

Best of luck with your Scrivener replacement.

We are hoping to have Scrivenings functioning in the next beta release (5). It will be included in the change list when it is available. We know it’s an important feature; it’s just been giving us some trouble, and we weren’t really happy with the alternative to disabling editing being potential total text scrambling… :wink:

Not quite–3.0 for macOS was only released at the end of last November, and the Windows beta went live at the same time. But naturally you should use the tools that will best aid your writing, whether that’s Scrivener or some other program or just a really nice set of pens. :slight_smile:

This is a great response, and thanks for that.

My post should have been referring to version 2 and not version 3. For quite a while I have been waiting for the Mac version and PC version to come closer in capability. The fact that the Mac version was 2+ and the PC version was 1+ gave the impression eventually the PC version would catch up in capability. Nearly every online class I bought on how to use Scrivener is oriented towards the mac version.

Imagine the shock of version 3 already out for the Mac and version 2 for the PC never came. I am worried that version 3 for the PC will follow the same path. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer as I have a ton already invested in Scrivener.

Due to project size and the number of images, I had to break out my research in to its own project breaking the links between my research, chronology and comic scripts. My current project has 60 comic scripts that are 64 pages each when compiled, plus all the related notes and chronology. The project is so big I have reached the limits of Scrivener. The last time Project Statistics worked it put me just over 2400 printed pages of text. I have had to perform complete reinstalls and project migrations to stabilize everything.

Because of crashing issues, project statistics, document versioning, snapshots and most of the other functions no longer work. My usage has been reduced to Scrivenings mode for each comic issue, Scrivener Links between the comic scripts and the chronology, edit and replace and the binder.

I am reassured that you see the importance of the Scrivenings Mode and text scrambling is obviously a critical issue that needs to be resolved.

I have a 2-year backlog of notes to integrate in to Scrivener that are currently kept in OneNote. Being recently disabled I have a ton of free time on my hands, would love to help with beta-testing version 3 and what is holding me back is the Scrivenings Mode editing capability.

I’ve tried and/or bought almost all other available products on the market, and although the 1.9.7 Windows version is not on par with the Mac, it is still way better than anything else. At least for fiction writing an, I’m extremely happy with it.

Anyway, I’m pleased to hear that scrivening mode may be included in the next beta. :slight_smile:

This is why there will be no PC version 2. PC version 3 is intended to achieve parity with Mac version 3.