When compiling, empty lines in editor are ignored - Paragraphs and dialogues end in a mess

My dialogue are not as in the editor. When compiled they are all one after the other, not going to the next line as in all books.To put it another way, In the .epub or .docx compiled, all empty lines are skipped. Some paragraph from the editor are respected, others not, when compiled.
Can’t have my manuscript compiled “as in editor”. I activated the option to do so , but I get same results with every option I tried, “text and notes use default paragraph settings” or text and notes use editors settings” and “text and notes editor formatting” option aswell Tried it all.
I left all text in editor in “no style” mode, excpecting to manage on compile mode, as should be.

Image 1: In my editor on Scrivener (end result that I expect)
Image 2: Compile result in epub 3 format or any format
Image 3: My compile settings

Help needed, now I’m stuck in Scrivener, It only allows me to export an unusable manuscript. Is it a bug or something I missed? A user since 2016
Image 1_Text in editor -End result expected after comple
Image 2_Result after compile

The compile feature in Scrivener 3 is a mess. I’m noticing all sorts of issues. Things like fonts changing mid document (within the same “page” in the project collection), margins changing from page to page, footnotes screwing up paragraph format, and sections not displaying “Chapter X”. I like Scrivener, but the compile was not ready for production and it’s frustrating. I’m getting ready to publish my manuscript and it looks like I will have to export to Word, fix the formatting issues, and then publish.

I’m very disappointed with Scrivener 3 and I hope the developers release some patches quickly.

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I’m ready to change habits, climb any steep learning curve, but If I can’t compile in the most simple way, basic requirements are not met.
Despite all the improvements, Scrivener 3 take much more than Scrivener 1 to start/to compile. Also, 7 sec. lags while typing occur. Problems have been deflected on Windows on Reddit. After this and the buggy compile mess, I am sadly going back to Scrivener 1. I have to transfer manually each change made on S3 now (incompatibility between versions). I will miss dark mode and the clean UI, not the frustration. Hope some solutions come along.

[quote=“tyler_burden, post:3, topic:110694, full:true”]
I am sadly going back to Scrivener 1. I have to transfer manually each change made on S3 now (incompatibility between versions).[/quote]

You should be able to export from V3 to V1. File, Export, As Scrivener v1…