When did Apple become the new Microsoft?

I’ve been out of touch for a while. Sticking with Snow Leopard, which has treated me admirably, until recently when I had to update due to most internet apps no longer supporting it. So, new mac, new operating system and lo and behold what a nightmare. Wifi that doesn’t work, iTunes that is a total mess and has major redraw problems, folders that open showing nothing for ages, automatic text fills that you can’t counteract, cloud syncs that take up your entire cpu. What’s worse looking into these things all the problems were well known to Apple in beta but they went and released it anyway. Wow, I am well and truly shocked. Pfff…

PS… Vic, Hi, Sorry to hear about your local.

This is not “new” just more obvious as they try to cater to a wider base. And really, this is the inevitable outcome of popular adoption of any product. It becomes overly complicated as the supplier tries to add more feature/function and continue to grow customers.

One could even look at the various versions of scrivener and see the same trend. I think L&L has managed the feature/function adoption quite well, but you have to remember that scrivener is much simpler than OSX.


I think It’s what we are supposed to accept as progress, mate. But, like Harry Stottle was once overheard muttering into his all but empty pint of Guinness, in the RED LION’s Académie Pour le Débat Philosophique annexe, the Snug, “Funny ol’ word, progress, init … eh?” True enough I suppose, especially when you consider, its use invariably, but erroneously in many cases, carries with it positive connotations. I don’t doubt for a second, that Hannibal’s mates, the Generals back in Carthage, considered reports of Han’s progress back-n-forth across mid and southern Europe, ca 200 bc +/-, in a very, very positive light. However, I doubt that the poor buggers that Han and his elephants were trampling underfoot, saw anything positive in the progress he was making. ’s all relative, init mate?

Thanks mate. At the time, it was considered by most decent right thinking folk, as a totally reprehensible example of ‘Unregulated, capitalistic free-trade hegemonistic abuse’ … cocking a snook at the very wealth creators that those capitalistic bastards rely on to get rich, the proletariat!
But, as is often the case, from the metaphorical ashes of the RED LION. rose the phoenix of the monolithic global KiWCS Design, Manufacture, and Marketing Logistical Network. Not only that, I may add, alongside KDMMLN, indirectly associated with, but in no way tied or shackled to it, we now have the new College of Domination and Bondage … Patron: Princess Lucinda, manchestereveningnews.co.uk/ … my-8436046

and also, The European Headquarters of the Confederation of Dominatrix Collectives and Swingers Associations. Of which the lovely Belinda Balloons, is the President and CEO

Anyway mate, how are things in Cheltenham and Wales?

And don’t f’get, ‘Don’t let Apple grind y’ down’ :wink:

But surely Numpt, If what Eldrich says is true, they’re only going to piss customer off? We won’t bother asking if their actions are ethical. :frowning:

When I connected up my new Mac I was looking forward to better wifi as the wifi type had been upgraded since my 2009 Mac. But on starting up said new Mac the wifi wouldn’t work at all. Looking it up, via my phone, it said most wifi issues had been sorted in version 10.10.3 but to upgrade I needed wifi… well, maybe not but it would have saved me having to lug my computer downstairs and connect it via cable. So having disconnected it, lugged it down, upgraded it, taken it back up and reconnected it it kinda works but drops out a lot. Looking in to this I found out it was due to a bug in ‘discoveryd’, Yosemite’s new networking manager. This bug was reported to Apple many times, during beta, as a huge concern due to its reliability issues. The upshot is it is now to be replaced, in the upcoming 10.10.4 update, by what Apple were using before, the mDNSResponder. If they knew it was such a problem why not keep the original network manager in place while they debugged the new one?
Then there’s the issues with folders not opening and revealing their contents instantly. Again well known, with a simple fix of deleting ‘cloud’ caches? :open_mouth: I don’t use the cloud so why it is affecting my UI is beyond me. But since this was happening on day one a buggy cache did not impress me. The redraw issue in iTunes is driving me bonkers and looks a right mess. But hey, if this is progress, who am I to stand in its way? I don’t want to be trampled underfoot by the elephant in the room which is currently my new Mac.
Oh, and to top it all off, today My Brother asked me to help him import 5000 photos onto his new macbook air. I thought no problem. It’ll be a breeze with iPhotos. Hmmm Seems Apple no longer want me to use iPhoto. Instead they suggest I use photos. OK. Having dragged the 5000 photos on and waited an hour or so it informed me 3000 of the photos hadn’t been imported because they contained no metadata. :open_mouth: A quick Google search told me Photos is buggy. :angry: As such it is safer to import small batches of around 200 to 300 photos at a time. Low and behold Photos managed to import each and every photo with no metadata issues. Haha progress. :unamused:

Wow Vic, I am very impressed, your very own local College of Domination and Bondage. :open_mouth: The locals around here are far too snooty to allow such things. I am almost jealous. Have you ever considered asking them if they could cater to your fetish of being served beer on a regular basis?
My local was also closed and sold off. All we got in return was an empty house conversion that’s now been on the market for the last two years. More of that there progress I reckon.

:confused: ‘A regular basis’? Never heard of that one. Sounds kinky though :smiling_imp: Is it a contraption like a medieval rackor one of these Probably have t’ suck y’ beer through a straw, won’t y’?

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff :unamused: , but to get back to the frivolous stuff.[size=85]

D’ y’ remember all those daft argument with Microsoft users, y used to have, “Well wot’s so ****ing good about Apple then … c’ mon tell us, smartarse … go on, tell us!
All you could think of was, ‘Err … well … y’ boot up, and it just … works.” Those were the days … eh?
Ahh well. C’est la vie :frowning:
Good luck with the new Mac. I’m sticking with Mountain Lion

Ahh… Snow Leopard. Those were the days. Most stable OS since… er… Atari Basic? :blush:
Actually, I do think Snow Leopard was the most stable Mac OS I’ve used. Although, overall, I like Yosemite, stability is not its strong point. I haven’t read much about El Capitan, but it has to be better than Yosemite*.

As for wifi, here’s a tip to get it working without trudging downstairs or resorting to the Terminal: simply turn wifi off and on again (right click on the wifi signal in the menu bar).

[size=85]*Although, to be fair to Apple, I installed a second copy of Yosemite on another partition and it works flawlessly. [/size]

Why oh why, don’t Apple take a leaf out of young Kevin Blount’s books, at L&L. “YOU DON"T GET IT … TILL WE"VE GOT IT!! [size=150]RIGHT[/size], THEN YOU CAN HAVE IT” :wink: 8) :unamused:


When I first upgraded to Yosemite, it was extremely slow on shutdown, strangely, but it has always been stable. I did a complete clean install, as all the other OS upgrades on this late 2010 MBA had simply been done over existing installations and I reckoned there must have been a lot of cruft built up. Since I did that, it has been extremely stable, and very fast in booting and shutting down.

Mind you, I do run Cocktail over it almost every weekend to keep the system clean; my desktop is absolutely minimal with nothing on it apart from the menu bar and the desktop photos — I have 3 virtual desktops running all the time — and my dock only has the apps that are actually running and the trash — the finder is an app, of course, so that’s always there. And I have transparency turned off, though the dock is hidden on the right.

And the only problems I have had with wifi is when Virgin Cable is having problems!

So I’m surprised you have had such trouble with it on a new machine. Mind you, I haven’t tried to import 5000 photos into Photo.app; most of mine are stored elsewhere, but the ones in iPhoto transferred without problem.

Mr X

Nom, my issue was not intermittent wifi it was the wifi not working at all. It just didn’t have the ability to connect. Turning it off and on had no affect, The darned thing just couldn’t connect straight out of the box it had to be upgraded first. :confused: I’m a seasoned Mac user having been using them since 1985 so tried all the usual tricks but no joy.

I love Snow Leopard. I’m now using it for a media centre. I did a clean install and forgot it came with iTunes 8. Wow, how clean, lean and stunning iTunes was back then. Certainly not upgrading it. Works far better than 12. And yes, as for stability, I used an app that stripped out all the PowerPC coding and all the extra language packs. Having done that I can honestly say I probably had no more than 5 or 6 crashes since 2009.

Actually, Vic, I was more thinking

YEAH MAMMA!! :smiling_imp: I can run wi’ tha’ one …wot! :wink:

I bought the high end mac mini due to Apple’s decision to now solder in the RAM :unamused: so you can’t upgrade. So yes, I was a little surprised myself, to say the least. I’m loving the new speed but have to say the experience is being somewhat soured by these bugs. At least Apple have finally realised they’ve ballsed up on the wifi and will be going back to the old manager till they can sort out the bugs. And I also never had issues with iPhoto but I guess Photos is more integral with their iOS. Not that that’s much use to me but I’m not going to get into why I have now dropped iPhones and made the switch to Android. :laughing:

Funny that … since I haven’t had any wifi problems, so didn’t know they’d changed anything and haven’t experienced any bugs with that. And my 17" late 2011 MBP, has had no problems, and I didn’t clean-install on that, or on my wife’s refurbed 27" iMac which came with 10.9.

I put my photos automatically on Dropbox, then move them onto an external disk at the end of each year. Any editing I do in Graphic Converter — I’ve been using Macs since about 1990, and except for the year of Adobe CS1, I’ve always used Graphic Converter — I have never been able to afford the Adobe upgrade costs; I’d love to use Lightroom, which I used when it was first launched, but have been deterred by upgrade costs since. Graphic Converter … brilliant program, I paid the $35 it cost back in 1990 or 1991, and have had to pay an upgrade fee only once or twice since then, and always very low price. There are one or two things I sometimes use Pixelmator for, though, but its rare. Basically, I use Photos only to make them accessible to WeChat to send to friends, and of course if I take a photo with my iPhone, it goes straight to Photos.

As for an Android phone … I bought one (Lenovo) in China last year, when my iPhone crashed completely. God, did it drive me mad! I absolutely hated it!

Mr X

Wow I remember using that back in the early 90s. Used to use it for batch conversions etc. Didn’t realise it was still around. What I really need now is a new image catalog app. I used to use iView but since it was sold to Microsoft, and hasn’t been updated since 2005, I’m loathe to use it incase I end up losing stuff due to it being unstable on the new OS. I know what you mean about the exorbitant Adobe upgrade prices. :open_mouth: Have had to upgrade Photoshop and Illustrator. I have an image in my mind of the Adobe CEO dressed up like Dick Turpin for some reason. :unamused:

I can only go by the HTC I bought as I know the Androids vary in their OS according to who’s manufacturing the phone.

Not had any problems with OS X 10.10.x. Currently on 10.10.4, and all swift and stable.

Do you have an Apple TV? Have read that switching that off, rebooting the router, and then turning the Apple TV back on helps with wifi conflicts and naming issues. Might be worth a try.

The public release of 10.10.4 should also ease things with the return of mDNSResponder.

Yeah thanks, I mentioned they were bringing back the mDNSResponder. So all should be tickedy boo once it arrives. 8) Unfortunately it seems when there is a bug then the current system has the ability to pass it on to other macs on the network. Either way it’s obviously faulty otherwise they wouldn’t be going back to the older network manager.

My main problem at the moment is the redraw issue in iTunes. All the other problems I have managed to work around or fix but iTunes stays problematic. None of the suggested fixes work. :unamused:

The 10.10.4 public betas (probably due to the removal of discoveryd) have I think fixed my major Wifi issues and most other funkiness from Yosemite at least. This was the first OS X version since I switched around the panther->tiger transition where I ended up having to regularly use the Windows-XP fix (a reboot) to fix problems!!!

Any idea if it has solved the redraw issue in iTunes?

The other thing I have noticed recently is that sometimes when waking from sleep the monitor looks like it has switched to a lower quality colour mode. Opening Monitor settings and clicking on the colours tab fixes it. It’s strange though as I’m only selecting the colours window, not actually making any changes to anything.