When does Scrivener update a .scriv file?

What I want to do

Scrivener saves its files as RTF. I would like to use Git for version control, but Git works best with plain text files. I can use textutil to convert RTF to TXT. All I need is to automate this conversion to take place whenever Scrivener changes its RTF files. I cannot have launchd watch each individual file, because their names and number change when I add or delete files to my manuscript, but I can have it watch the folder containing the files. Ideally, I would not have to set up a launchd task for each individual .scriv/Files/Docs folder, but for the folder containing all my .scriv files.


When does Scrivener update a .scriv file? Only upon “Save”? Or at other times as well?

Don’t forget that Scrivener auto-saves your work on a frequency you can set (my setting - Scrivener > Preferences > General - is 3 seconds - I can’t remember whether that is the default, but it’s something of that order). For long-form, it’s a valuable safeguard.