When i move sentence from Scapple to Scrivener, Why is there an additional enter(↵ ) on the sentence

I’m using Windows version


This Sentence in Scapple

When I did Ctrl + C with the scrivener from the scapple

When I did Drag and Drog with the scrivener from the scapple

I don’t need any additional enter(↵ ) in the sentence

And I don’t understand why the font size changes in the second example.

I don’t know Mac version has the same happens
I’m only use windows

It’s very inconvenient to me

Why is this happens?

I want to move sentence as it is, without change

how can i do it?

And I’m sorry for the additional question.

in Scrivener I drag and drop like the Second,
and erase the content
there’s no content inside , the title still exists and different icon, why is that?

So i think The file looks unstable
Thank you for reading

I can’t directly help as I don’t use Scapple, but thought of letting you know it is not a carriage return (enter) but rather a line-break.
Might help you in looking for a solution to know the specific name of the extra you don’t want in there.

Thank you Vincent

I found a solution today.
I think it’s better to just drag and drop and set the font size manually.

And Like the last question
I was wondering why there was a title when there was no content in the file

After Drag and drop, remained content in right side of synopsis too.
So, also delete the contents in the synopsis as well, Then I fixed problem.

The file with only synopsis left was displayed with an icon like that.

and you are right.
That is line- break

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I realize this is an old post, but I add this should others notice the same.

Note that the title is in italics in a lighter font, (vs. the bolder type of other titles of named binder items) - this indicates that title was not actually named by you, but was generated (as a placeholder) from text contained in either the document itself or the synopsis text (which is the same as a card viewed on the corkboard)