When I reopen a SCAP file in Windows, my notes are messed up

When I reopen my file, the notes which I so carefull arranged are altered, and every note has turned into one long line of text, distorting the while diagram. The product is unusable if it does this every time (and it has done it many times to me). I’m still running the trial version, and really like it, but will find an alternative product if there is no resolution to this issue.

Win 10 Home 22H2
OS Build 19045.3086

Scapple (1864559)

This isn’t normal behaviour; I certainly haven’t seen anything like this.

The first question is, are you saving in a cloud service (OneDrive etc) and if so, is it set to store the files on the computer.

If this isn’t the issue I would recommend contacting support directly Contact Us | Literature and Latte

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You are 100 percent right, I was saving to OneDrive. When I put the file on my hard drives, fixed up my notes and then saved it as a new version, it worked perfectly.

Thank you so very much for your help, and for such a quick response!

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Saving to OneDrive is ok, that’s what I do.

But you need to make sure that you have “keep this file on this device” ticked.

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Okay, I will do that, thank you again!

“keep file on this device” was checked, but all Scapple files are now pretty much unreadable, and too many to “fix”. Any chance of a magical fix, and any reason to expect new files to suffer the same fate?

You’ll have to ask Literature & Latte support that question.
I’m just a user like you.


Was not aware of a new 64-bit version of Scapple for Windows. I installed and all files read as normal. A magical fix!

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Hi @rwhtx,

Glad your diagrams are working again. :smiley:

In case you weren’t aware, you can make backups of your .scap files just like you would with any other type of PC file.

Let’s say your diagram is called MyGreatIdea.scap.

Using Windows File Explorer, copy and paste the .scap file. Give the new file a meaningful name. I would do something like: MyGreatIdea BACKUP 20230726.scap.

I usually back up the file after every time I work on it.

Then, next time you have a problem with the main version, you can try the opening the backups.


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