When is the next beta due?

Lee said

However, the end date of Beta 023 is 15th May, at least according to trial screen. Will there be a beta release on / before 15th May?

I think Lee said you just need to press the ‘Reset Trial’ button to extend it beyond the 15th (although I haven’t tried it myself yet).

Personally, I’d prefer to see a new beta before the end of May as I like playing with new/amended features – a new one every week would be great.

Thanks. I use the reset button anyway… I LOVE new betas.

I think Lee would go off the deep end with that request. Remember, this is not Microsoft. There are only 4.5 staff members and Lee is doing the bulk of the work for Windows version. Give the guy a break! He’s already putting in 90+ hours a week.

Hi all,

Yeah, a beta a week isn’t really possible. :wink:

The next beta will be out in time for the May 15th deadline.


I thought the deep end was where programmers played anyway… :laughing:

Hopefully I will learn this version before all the new stuff is released. In the meantime, make sure someone takes Lee some cookies and milk… we don’t want him melting down before his work is done.