When maximising Scrivener, app crashes


  1. Open Scrivener.
  2. Hit the green icon to enter fullscreen mode.
  3. App crashes immediately.

Tried re-opening it, but the it is consistently crashing. This Mac was recently updated to 14.2, and this is likely the first time I’ve tried to maximise Scrivener since that upgrade.

MacBookPro M1 Max 32Gb
macOS 14.2
Scrivener 3.3.6

crash.txt.zip (11.4 KB)

Interesting. It only appears to happen when I use my custom layout. If maximise when the app with the layout below, it crashes consistently. If I change to a default layout or change the documents open in the binder, the crash goes away.

I have a working theory: my layout didn’t have “view subdocuments as scrivenings” enabled, so when switching to fullscreen with my layout, the document was empty (as it just picks the manuscript folder). It doesn’t appear to like that when maximising. I’ve updated the layout to enable scrivenings, and fingers crossed.

If you could attach the original layout that would be most helpful. Bear in mind the thumbnail might have personal info on it, so feel free to send it in a PM.

Also you mention maximising the window, but then also refer to full screen mode, which are two distinctly different things. Is the window being made bigger and allowing multitasking with other software, or is it stuck in its own universe afterwards?

I’ll provide more information today. And I meant full-screen throughout. Sorry for my lack of clarity (tired brain!).

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