When my laptop shuffles off this mortal coil, will my scrivener progress go with it?

Maybe a silly question, but I can’t pin a full answer down yet. I have Scrivener downloaded on my laptop and I’ve been making great progress, yay! But this Macbook is on its last legs. I can practically hear it wheezing.

So what happens if / when the laptop dies? Is there a way to access the work in Scrivener, on a new computer? Essentially, should I be regularly backing things up on a flashdrive, or are the files stored in a cloud somewhere?

And if they are, how can I get to that cloud on a new device, given that the scrivener app doesn’t have a log-in?

Read the manual about backups. Now.

Your projects are only hosted locally. Where you put them. You.
There is no “Scrivener cloud” or anything of the likes.

Make backups of your projects as you go.
Zipped backups.

I do them daily, every time I work on a project.

…And welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


There is no Scrivener “cloud.” Backups are entirely your responsibility. Yes, you should make them, and if you don’t know how you should find out.

Your data is not “in” Scrivener. You can transfer your backups to any other device, install Scrivener on that device, and pick up pretty much where you left off.

Yes. Everything. Always. Get yourself one or more affordable external hards disks or SSDs and set up Time Machine (part of macOS). It’s super simple. It will also save you a lot of headaches when the time comes to migrate your data, programs, settings etc. from the deceased to a new machine.


In fact, if memory serves, on recent versions of MacOS, when you plug in a brand new empty drive, MacOS will ask you if you want to use it for a backup drive (Time Machine backup). Dead simple.

Definitely do this, as Novermber_Sierra says. And plug the drive in periodically --like when the OS prompts you after 10 days, or more often as needed/desired. When your old mac is on its last leg, or suddenly gives up the ghost, that up-to-date backup will be a lifesaver.

Apple’s Migration Assistant system works very well now. When you set up your new mac, it will ask you if you want to transfer your stuff from an older mac. You will say “Yes, I have a Time Machine backup of that”, and the new Mac will say, “Smart. That’s perfect.” And then all your stuff will be brought over, including your preference settings and etc.

And, to echo Vincent, if your Mac is dying, do it NOW. The hard drive on your old mac is the most likely thing to fail – and that is the thing that has all your stuff on it!



It does.

It also should suggest to encrypt said drive. Which is a nice bonus if you carry one of those drives with you (“off-site” so to speak, away from your computer) and you’re worried to lose it or that it gets stolen.

Also can easily use File>Backup to to save a zipped project to a usb as extra insurance. I do this for all important active projects as extra failsafe.
Consider a cloud backup as well as digital insurance for not only Scrivener but for other important information like pictures, music, or home digital information. I currently use carbonite (windows) but may switch to IDRIVE as can use to backup up several computers to it and have external backup protection as well.