Where are stock templates stored?

Look for a thread on this. The one I found was old, and I’m not sure the response is relevant to 2.0.

I’m not interested in deleting them, which was what the individual who started the thread I found wanted to do. Rather, I’d just like to take a look at them to see what templates looks like, how they’re constructed, etc.

Can I do that?


They are stored inside the application itself—however creating a project from a template basically gives you the whole story. Templates are just projects that have had some stuff added to them and in most cases, some compile settings tweaked to produce an intended result. There is one exception and that is special template placeholder tags. These are what generate your personal info off of the system address card into title pages and such.

Thus to truly edit a template, and to examine it completely, hold down the Option key when clicking on the confirmation “Choose…” button. This is the only way to examine a template in the raw. The actual template file itself is just that project file, zipped up to save space, and packaged in a single file for distribution.

Thanks. Before reading the above I couldn’t see how to get one open. Now I’ve got one open and will be checking it out.