Where are the Backups?

I saved and created a backup of my novel on Scrivener and shut off my computer, but when I turned it back on my new stuff was gone. :cry:
I want to go back and look at my backups to see if it’s there, but I can’t find the way to get to it. Help? How do I get to my backups? :blush:

Never mind, I just found it and my saved stuff isn’t in any of them. 3 hours of research and writing gone, that stings. :angry: Well, time to go and find everything again… any idea why it didn’t save OR backup?

When you say that you created a backup, did you use File->Backup to? I believe that defaults to a different location than the automated backups, which can be found via the Backup tab found when you visit Tools->Options. Did you look in both places?

Or did you “create a backup” by using File->Save as? If you did that, then (as with MS Word and most other programs) you would have been switched to the new project. All new edits would have gone into that project. If you later navigated to the one you were working on previous to using Save As, then your work would appear to be lost.

I’m very sorry you’re having some trouble! As Robert says, knowing how you created the backup would help sort out where things might be and why they’re not saved the way you expected. If you were looking just at manual backups you made (such as via File > Back Up > Back Up To…), try checking the automatic backups as well. You can access these quickly by going to Tools > Options… and clicking the “Backup” tab: at the bottom you’ll see both the file path for where the auto backups are stored as well as a button to open that folder directly.

If you’ve left the default settings, Scrivener should be creating a full project backup every time you close the project, saving the most recent five, so if you look in that backup folder you may find a few .bak.zip files with your project name. Copy all of these to your desktop, then right-click each and choose “Extract All” to access the contained .scriv folder. As you extract them, rename each .scriv folder (currently titled with your project name) to include the date or date/time of the backup, to avoid confusion (so if it’s MyNovel.scriv, make it MyNovel-01Feb2012.scriv), then open the project in Scrivener to see if it’s got the work you’re missing. If you find a good copy, you can close it and move the .scriv folder to wherever you normally save your projects (e.g. your Documents folder). Rename the bad current version first (“MyNovel-MissingWork.scriv” or such) to avoid confusion about which is which and so that Windows doesn’t try to merge the folders.

If you’ve been using “Save As”, that may be part of the problem here as well, since it would leave a trail of project copies in different states, and you may have accidentally opened the wrong one or the backups for the wrong one. You could try using the Windows search bar from the Start menu to look for “.scriv” and then sort the results by the created date to get an idea of which are the more recent, then open those to check if one might be the correct project and just saved under a different name or in a different location than you remembered.

I saved (not Saved As, just Save) the project. I have made my own backup settings, I had just forgotten how to get to them. My computer is having problems right now and shuts off suddenly all the time, which is why I’ve set it to back up every time I open, close, and manually save. So, it should have backed it up when I saved it.
When I finally remembered how to get to the backup files, it was already replaced with new backups. So I’m not sure it did make a backup of it, but it should have saved it in the first place. Is there any reason why the save didn’t work and I lost all of yesterday’s research?