Where are the history navigation arrows in my header bar?

I’m working through the tutorial and am at the bit where you work with the history nav. arrows, but they are missing from my header bar. I right clicked to insert them myself but am not allowed to drag them to my bar for some reason. Someone please help this clobberhead!

If using Windows, click on Alt + (the Icon) Toggle Split. It will alternate between vertical and horizontal splits.

Toggle Split Icon:

To revert to a single Editor window, remove your finger from the Alt key and click the Toggle Split icon only.

thanks, but I deleted that question because I felt stupid…I’m on a Mac but brand new to Mac from Windows and was trying to use View in the header bar rather than the very top bar. My brain is getting quite the workout :wink:

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The left and right pointing icon are in the header bar of the Editor, to the left-hand side.

The Editor header bar is the first bar above the Editor itself. In contrast to the Main Toolbar or the Format Toolbar changing or removing these icons is not an option.

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