where are the project templates?

OK I’m feeling really stupid here, but whenever I launch scrivener, I get the template window. I understand that these are tutorial templates. So where are the ACTUAL templates?

When I try to open a “new project”, I don’t seem to have that option… As you can see in my screen shot, ‘new project’ is shaded.

So if I’m not supposed to use the templates in the tutorial (who knew, by the way?), then where are the “real” templates???

Project templates are all filed under the other categories on the left side of the window (“All”, “Blank”, “Fiction”, etc…).

You select one of those templates from the appropriate section, and then you’ll be able to create that new project using the “Open” button at the bottom of the window.

The tutorial has examples of “Document Templates” in it, to demonstrate how you can create documents within a project that have a nice starting point, like a list of prompts (ex: "Character Name: " and "Hair color: " rather than typing that stuff every time you want to create a ‘character sketch’ document. The assumption is that you’ll create your own document templates as described in the tutorial for each project, or make use of any that are included in a Project template (such as the Novel project template from the “Fiction” section of the window in your screenshot).

FYI, the tutorial is just a project template; it’s a starting point for you to read and manipulate for the purpose of learning Scrivener. Among the other templates, it unique in that purpose; the rest of the templates are starting points for writing your own novel or screen play, or what-have-you. They’re just there for convenience, with some setup done for you.

Sorry, it’s no clearer. I’m more confused. When I want to start a project, do I or do I not select one of the categories that are listed on the left of the window after launching scrivener, and then pick one of the templates that appears in the window and open it? The ones that have tutorial information in them?
I read a thread a said don’t do that, but it sounds like you are saying do it.

Yes, you choose one of the categories on the left.

If you choose the “Getting Started” category, your choices will be as shown in your screenshot. If you choose one of the other categories, you will have other choices.

All of the templates (well, except Blank) have an information file that explains how to use that specific template. Only the “Getting Started” choices are tutorials as such.


My confusion is driven by a post I read that said we should not use tutorial templates as “real” projects.
We should be using “real” project templates instead.

So I really wanted to understand where to find “real” project templates, but you are saying they are the same, and they all come from the left column on the launch window, correct?

Yes, all of the available templates are accessed from that window.

ONLY the ones in the Getting Started section are “tutorial.” All the others are “real.”


If it makes things easier for you, you can use the Options button to “Hide ‘Getting Started’”, and then that window will contain nothing but “real” templates. :slight_smile:

There isn’t anything in that “Getting Started” section that you can’t access from the Help menu anyway. But of course if you want it back, you can do so from the same Options button.

The reason you don’t want to write a book by starting in the tutorial project is that it’s filled with stuff that would have absolutely nothing to do with writing your book, among other reasons.

Do take advantage of the tutorial though, as it should teach you about Scrivener so you have a grounding in what it can do for you, and what terms are used to describe it’s various features. For instance, when you said “So if I’m not supposed to use the templates in the tutorial…” I thought you might be referring to “Document Templates”, which is a topic covered in the tutorial. As for “who knew” that you should start a writing project in a new Scrivener project… maybe someone who read through the tutorial to the “Creating a New Project” section? :wink: