Where can I buy Scrivener for Windows?

I’m soon going on holiday to somewhere that may not have an internet connection. I don’t want my Scrivener to fail in the middle of my ‘holiday’ - but I can’t find where to buy it…

Second question: Is there any chance that I can buy one license and swap it between my desktop and my laptop (which I will only be using for this fortnight’s holiday).


I’m afraid it’s not available to buy yet.

Hi Stacey,

Do you know when it will be available to buy?


It’s still in late beta - and I believe there will be at least one more beta update before launch. I would guess (I hasten to add I don’t know) Scrivener is more than a month away from launch.


I think Camy’s is a good guesstimate on the release date.

I’m new to Scrivener and I think that it is great. I’ve been setting up the structure of my masters dissertation paper on it and am keen to continue to use it, understanding the limitations and cautions accompanying the beta status.

However with regards to my question above, when I open Scrivener, it says that it will not work after 15th August. Given your answers, will there be a period between 15th August and the date it becomes available to buy when Scrivener won’t work?

I’m going away on 9th August - with no subsequent access to the internet until 22nd August. I’d like to be able to use it during this period - will this be possible?

I’d also be interested in the answer to this. I’ve only been using Scrivener for a short while, but have already decided that, as soon as it’s available, I’ll be buying a licence for the Windows version. I’d hate to lose the use of it while waiting for the final release, I’d rather even pre-pay and be allowed to continue using the beta prior to the final release if it came down to it.

I think the answer is obvious (if a little hard to hear).

Scrivener for Windows is currently Beta software. This means a couple of things including the fact that no one should use it for critical work as there’s the distinct possibility there’ll be bugs that affect your work.

It also means that you shouldn’t use it if it would cause you problems if there was a delay between one beta running out and being able to get hold of the next one (either because it was delayed or you didn’t have net access).

Like I said, possibly hard to hear but that’s the reality of using beta software - you can’t (and shouldn’t) rely on it.

I’m more than certain there will be an update to the beta before 026 expires. However, if you’re away from and off the internet (shudder - starts panicking) when the update is released, then rewind your system clock by a few days or a week - I can’t guarantee that this will work, but it might. :wink:


Alternatively, you can use this software to run Scrivener without messing with your clock. I’ve used it with Scrivener before and it worked.


Thank you, Stacey. This is a find, indeed! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

Thanks - I really appreciate the practical suggestions and bug warnings - I will RunAsDate and then export and check regularly.

As the others have said, Scrivener for Windows isn’t yet available for purchase, but once it is your license will cover all computers in your household that you own or are owned by family members living with you as well as an installation for personal use on an additional computer outside the home (so your work computer, for instance, provided that you’re the only one who will be using Scrivener on it). In short–you can have Scrivener installed on both your desktop and laptop with no problems. :slight_smile:

All very good advice. I’m not yet using it for anything critical, as I’ve played the beta game before, but it’s good to point all that out for others who may not have done beta-testing.

I’m not so worried about losing work, I’m just greedy - I want to keep using it :slight_smile: I can happily work away in other programs, but if I have a choice, I’d definitely like to continue using and testing it alongside them, until such time as I can move properly.

Personally, I think I’m going to buy a MacBook for the pure reason to buy scrivener until it’s released for Windows.

I know, I know…but I’ve got s__t to do and I enjoy writing in this program more than the others.

Ooh… wish I could do the same. I think the new Macbook Airs were made for Scrivener.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear that! I have a huge desktop with dual monitors, which is my computer of choice, but obviously, it doesn’t travel well :slight_smile: My second choice is an old laptop, but it’s really heavy, so if I’m going somewhere where portability is an issue, I use my netbook. I was wondering how I was going to deal with the computer issue.