Where can I download the Scrivener Manual for Win v3?

for some reason, the manual cannot be found



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Thank you.

On a related topic, when I use the help menu in Scrivener to get to the manual (or by using F1) , I get the following message. The error box is not scalable and, so, cannot be fully read.

Any ideas on how to associate the manual with the application?


Sorry, none. Since I retired I longer even use Windows.

When you navigate to C:\Program Files\Scrivener3, you should see a single PDF with the name “Scrivener-Manual.pdf”. If your PDF does not have that name, close Scrivener, rename the PDF, then restart Scrivener and check that the user manual is now available.

Thanks but it seems that I do have that .pdf named as you indicated…Restarts of Scrivener results in no change in the behavior.


In my case, the Scrivener-Manual.pdf is in the resources folder of the Scrivener3 installation. You might try moving it there.

If that fails, re-install Scrivener. Don’t bother to uninstall it first, just do a re-install.