Where can I find my licence?

I’m still on 1.51. I hesitate to upgrade because, as I read here, I will be asked my licence code again - and I can’t find it anymore! Is there a place where it’s stored? In some applications, the code used to be displayed in the “About” window or the like. Or there is a encoded licence file that is put somewhere. I’m pretty sure I received an email with a licence code, but I don’t have it anymore. After all, the licence for Scrivener was my first purchase after switching to the Mac…

Any hints, anybody? :blush:

I can’t remember that I got asked for the serial number when updating—it was from one 1.5x version to another 1.5x version and it would be very annoying if you had to do that for every free update.

To my knowledge the one thing that has changed with newer versions of Scrivener is that the unlock key is checked online if it is valid or a cracked or stolen one. This is an automatic procedure that looks up the existing key where ever it is placed.

I can’t tell you the exact file that contains the unlock key but I think it has to do something with [your personal folder]/library/eSellerate/.

I can’t provide you with anything but vague informations but what I am very sure about is that Keith not only can tell you more but will also re-send the e-mail with the registration key to you if necessary.

So if you don’t have to hit a dead line by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow—Keith might just haven taken a more than well deserved free weekend—I don’t see much risk in updating.

Updating doesn’t require you to re-enter your registration details - it just activates what is already there. But drop David a mail on sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and he can re-send your serial number (or you can try retrieving it yourself - see here: literatureandlatte.com/support.html#serialno ).

All the best,

Thanks! That worked! I feel almost like an archeologist now… I excavated my own serial number!
And how funny to see this old receipt again. Over the horrendous amount of 33,06 EUR…
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: