Where did my manuscript go?

  1. Having just reopened my WIP after a two month respite I discovered that my manuscript (titled ANTONINA Manuscript) no longer appears in the Editor. However, the individual chapters do appear when I click on them in the Binder. The Editor now shows only “ANTONINA Manuscript Folder” in greyed-out print. (See screenshot)

  2. I also somehow “lost” all the various features of the Inspector, except for Project Notes and Project References.

Can someone please help me out?

Click on Group mode, the symbol to the left of Cork bord. You can toggle between seeing all below a folder or only the text in the folder-document itself

Wow! That was so obvious I had forgotten all about it in my two-month absence from writing.

Tack sa mycket, and gott nytt ar! (My first sentence in Swedish – with the help of Google Translate)

And a Happy New Year to you as well. :slight_smile: