where did my outliner columns go?

i used to be able to see columns like “Label” and “Status” in the left part of my screen / under the Binder files section - but now they’re gone - maybe i widened something and made them disappear - but i cant get them back - i try to change the width with the control at the bottom / and it does widen the binder column, but i dont see the label and status columns anymore - but if i switch the view mode to outline, and check the outliner columns for ‘label’ and ‘status’ they do appear in the editor on the right part of each file – but i would like to see them again as part of the binder ---- what have i done… are they gone forever ---- but certainly not forgotten… :frowning:

Those columns only appear in the binder when you’re viewing search results (either a new search or in a saved search collection). Are you sure you’re looking at search results? There should be a little magnifying glass icon in the binder header and there will be text in the search field if it’s visible in the toolbar.

oh i wasnt viewing search results ---- but i see them now when i do have a list of files in the binder as a result of doing a search ---- by the way, i have one file that i use as an end-marker (i have several hundred files / scenes in the binder listing) and id like to add an identifying color to the file - but for some reason ive looked thru the manual and cant find out how to add a color to a file name so i can quickly spot it as i scroll thru all the files in my binder ---- thanks again for any suggestion

You can add color to the binder by applying a colored label to the file and then turning on View>Use Label Color In>Binder (or Icons, depending how starkly obvious you want it). That will of course display the label colors for all your items, which may or may not be what you want.

Another option is to assign a unique icon to that special document. You can right click on the document in the binder and choose Change Icon from the context menu, then select any of the icons there or choose “Manage Icons…” at the bottom of the list and import your own custom icon into the project.

both great suggestions - thank u again for taking the time to advise.