Where do I find the correct page count?

At the top of the page, I see 68,376 words I 16 words.
At the bottom of the page, I see 73,576 words.
Why is there a discrepancy and which one shhould I use?


The count at the bottom of the page (in a scrivening) doesn’t make any distinction whether a document is marked to be included in compile or not. Thus the higher count.

Trust the one in the progress bar. (The one at the top.)

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There is no page count because Scrivener can’t know before you compile.
So it is all word counts (or character counts).

I go by the approximative rule that 1000 words is 4 pages. ← That’s when I want to have an idea of it real quick.
Otherwise, in project statistics, there is a page count for which you set the count of words (or characters) per page. But again, approximative. It is only a straight forward math formula, not the real final page count.
Total word count divided per words/page = page count.

Project / Statistics

In short, Where do I find the correct page count?
the answer to your question is “You don’t”, or “Nowhere” ; – not until you compile in what will be your final formatting.

Why the difference of a 1000+ words in the stats menu? The left count at the bottom of the screen is the same as what’s at the top of the page (unable to copy into the same picture because of the menu overlay), when I click in Scrivening Mode on Manuscript, which is compiled in its entirety.

Is it possible that I have 1000+ words in Chapter Titles? In this manuscript there are 75 chapter, that include: Chapter #, Title (1 to 5 words), a date pointer, in about 20 chapters (3 to 7 words) and Part # – that’s it. Are the placeholder generated page numbers also counted as words by the stats?

Do you have any comments or footnotes (particularly inline), which are set not to be compiled? The footer will count them, where the stats won’t?

I have many comments that don’t compile. None of them are inline; they’re all in the relevant Inspector tab.
I have footers in my Glossary only, which is part of Back Matter – outside of Manuscript and not currently ticked to compile. I wouldn’t say it has anything to do with that document either because I have many What If workflows in their own primary folder that far exceeds 1000 words – outside of Manuscript, too.
The Structure documents I have in Manuscript, only have comments in Notes, not the Editor, and are not ticked to compile.

Thanks Kevin. That explains a lot.
Anne Marie

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