Where do you write?

So, at the moment I’m in definite need of a laptop, as this would allow me to write anywhere. Another issue I’m facing right now, however, is where to write. I find it difficult to be in the proper mindset to write at my computer since it’s out in the open and I feel as though I can’t write freely.

I figured a discussion on where everyone writes and what they find beneficial about it would be amazing!

I enjoy listening to old style tavern music with a picture on one monitor while writing on the other with my PC.
If I had a laptop, I’d probably go find an old style tavern to sit in honestly!

As aCondo dweller, I have been allocated one of the smaller bedrooms as an “office.” I am tied to my desktop and its two monitors. I am usually pulling from multiple resources as I write and need the acerage. I find the laptop way too restrictive and klunky for the way I write. I would have to keep switching between windows rather than perusing multiple windows on my monitors. No one to bother me but my wife and I actually enjoy her interruptions.
-Big John

I have my computer in a loft off my bedroom with a three monitor setup. I wake up early and write/ dictate while wife asleep and quiet. When use laptop attach monitor and USB keyboard.

On a couch in the living room with my MacBookPro.

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I use my desktop mostly,but like you I want to get out…just bought a new HP 14" laptop, perfect size for this not to small,compact and light.I like hanging at starbucks.
With headphones on so not distracted
SSD hard drive is cool too, half the price ofmost15.7screens

I write on an MBPro 13-inch in a small office in an outbuilding.
I edit (and make Scapples) on a 27-inch iMac on another desk in the same room.
For some reason that small separation of tasks makes a big difference.


I write (with my hand) pretty much anywhere I can find pen(cil) and paper.
I type — usually in my home office. I’m two monitors shy of a stockbroker’s cubicle.

Because I use Scrivener, of course, I write anywhere. It is installed on my Mac mini in my study, MacBookPro for elsewhere in the house, iPad Air (4th gen), and iPhone. The latter two for outside of the house. They all sync to the same Drpobox account allowuing me to work everywhere,

In this Cabin:

With this view from the back window:

(That’s Siegfried Sassoon’s church across the fields)