Hello everyone.

For way too long I have been relying on “recent” to access my folders, which encompass several years and millions of hours of information/reseach.

Today I had a close call with trying to find my files. They must have been on my over-crowded desktop, and in a moment of “cleaning” I swept them into one folder. Scrivener could not find it.

In any event, I would like my scrivener files to “live” in file I created for them in documents.

I am not sure how to do this correctly. Can I simply move them from where they are now to documents? I remember trying that a while back, but somehow it just complicated the problem.

Thanks for any advice!

They live wherever you put them when you created them. You can find them by searching for .scriv files.

The easiest way to move them: open one Finder window to the folder where they currently reside. Open another to the destination folder. Drag and drop. Close Scrivener first.

If you have a lot of projects or are nervous, sensible precautions include taking an extra backup first, or only moving a project or two at a time until you’re sure everything is working correctly.

Remember that if the origin folder is shared and the destination folder is not, you will have effectively moved them off of the shared devices.


Thanks Katherine. Right now i have the two different files (one is theory the other practical) in two or three physical places on my comuter.

One is where i want them to be - in a doc folder called 2018 mw scrivener.

The theory folder is also in a desktop folder called ‘files for trash’ as i did not want to delete it just yet. It is 9 kb and has a cloud icon next to it as well as a up arrow. The scrivener icon also looks different and a bit bigger than the onw in the doc folder.

The two might also be in other folders so it is a question of ‘will the two genuine source of where the files are located pls stand up ‘

Is there a way of discovering this?