Where is character map?

I can’t find what’s called the character map in the Windows version in my Mac 3.03 version of Scrivener. Have tried search in Help, and I must be calling it the wrong thing. It’s not a big deal as I compile my projects to WordPerfect, edit and proof there and can put in the accented letters for words like “cafe” there, but not being able to find it makes me feel incompetent.

Open your System Preferences app. Tap on the Keyboard tile. Tap on the Input Sources pane. Tick the Show Input menu in menu bar tick box.

Um, okay, I did that, but I still can’t find accented letters.

OK, there’s now a new menu in your menu bar, towards the right. Tap on it and select “Show emoji and symbols.” A new dialog will pop up. You’ll find your accented letters under “Latin.” If you use the second menu item it will cause a virtual keyboard to pop up.You can use it to find out where things are hiding (i.e., what the shift and option keys will enable you to type directly.)

Hope this helps!


Thanks for that. I did find it, but - there’s no way to get to this in Scrivener? I have to go to Finder and go through that each time? I think I’d rather leave it and do a Find and Replace in WP later.

Whoops. I take it back. I see how to use it from Scriv. Thanks again.

And while you’re in that new menu bar, try out the “Show Keyboard Viewer” command as well. In addition to being an accessibility feature, it is also a reference for commonly used special characters. If you hold down Shift you’ll note the symbols all change—these should all be pretty straight-forward. Now try holding down Option instead. This is a “second shift”, which lets you insert stuff like ø and ™ without having to hunt down characters. There is a “third shift” as well, by holding down both Shift and Option. Thus, ⇧⌥K will type in .

But what you’re interested in are the bright orange buttons that you see with just Option held down. You’ll note they are all diacritic markings. ⌥U will insert the umlaut symbol, and then once you’ve done that, type in the specific letter you wish to insert umlauts over. ü, ï, ä… or caf(⌥E)e, for café.

Oh and by the way, most native macOS programs like Scrivener will have this command in their “Edit” menu somewhere. So you don’t have to add it to the menu bar, but I like to have it available since not all programs do have it, and thus it is where I end up going (instead of the Edit menu) since I know no matter which program I’m in it will always be there.

To bring up the character viewer throughout macOS, just press CTRL CMD SPACE.

Simpler still, perhaps:


Slàinte mhòr.