where is fullscreen mode?

Newbie here. :slight_smile:

I recently attended a demo of Scrivener where Fullscreen mode was highlighted, and I see this mode again in the youtube video (dated 2010). That’s how I want to write - only my liquid prose, none of those distracting dials and dashboards.

Unfortunately I can’t find an equivalent (text-only, controls out of view) Fullscreen mode in my recent install of Scrivener 2.7. “Enter Full Screen” takes me to the “Mac full screen,” hiding the task bar, but not all the other bars to the top and left. :frowning:

What am I missing? How do I get to my text-only screen? :question:


Okay, never mind. My fingers found a way Option-Cmd-F even though Help seems to be broken.

51 Shades - here I come. :laughing:

Just so you know for future reference, this feature is actually called Composition mode (to differentiate it from the OS X version). You can customise it a lot, so have a look at the Compose tab in Preferences.

Although to be fair, if you were referencing a video from 2010, it would have been called “Full Screen” back then. It was changed when Mac OS X 10.7 was released, as Apple decided to reserve that phrase for an iPad-esque feature that only lets you work with one program at a time. If we went on calling our thing “full screen” it would have been at odds with the rest of the system, so it became “composition mode”, and now the full screen feature in Scrivener is in support of the system level feature.