Where is my Scrivener?

I purchased Scrivener some days ago. When I should pay, I was not allowed to pay directly with credit card, but via PayPal (using a credit card) it was ok. So I paid. But afterwords nothing happened. I did not get any confirmation by mail, or get to download the program. OK, may be it takes som time, someone must get out of bed first (this was very early in the morning). So I downloaded the free 30 days program, to start with, get to know it… But where is the Scrivener I bought?

And hello everyone, from Trond the norwegian!

You should have received an automatic confirmation almost immediately. Please check your junk folder.

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket, here:

We can’t handle license issues through the forum for privacy reasons.


Start by downloading and installing the trial. Then find the license key and enter it. Even without the license you get 30 days of usage.


I bought Scrivener in May this year, but have never got a download or a license key. And I have sent at least a dusin messages and emails, to sales@literatureandlatte.com and other emailadresses, but I have never got any reply. Can somebody help me to get in touch with the company?

Please send me a direct message with the email address used for your purchase.

Has your credit card been charged?

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Post deleted due to personal information, but I’ve saved the information and will investigate.