Where is the corkboard texture?


Where is the corkboard image located for the default corkboard texture used in Scrivener, within the Windows version? I would like to use as a texture within the Windows version of Scapple.

I’ve seen pigfender use a corkboard texture for Scapple and it looks amazing!

Edit: I mean the corkboard image within the Scrivener directory and not the program itself.

Hit F12 for options, then in the Corkboard menu click the drop-down next to Corkboard Background. You can change between built-in colors and patterns, or use one of your own.

Thank you. I meant within the Scrivener directory itself and not the program.

Sorry, not sure how to find it that way.

Hello there,
Not sure where Scrivener’s corkboard texture is but there are hundreds to use if you google image/corkboard texture - select one and once opened to full image save it and then use the inspector in Scapple to load it in.

It’s embedded as a resource within the code, rather than available as an image file in the directories.

For the Scapple Map you are referring to, I used a file I’d made myself from the Scrivener one. Make your corkboard as large as possible and take a screengrab. Then use an image editor to turn it into a perfectly tiling square. If you crop it to 512x512 pixels you should match the original image’s dimensions and therefore have a good looking result as a background.

Or if you can wait a few days, I’ll upload the one I made.

Oh thanks for the tips pigfender! :smiley: