Where is the option to wrap character by character?

This language is Korean.
It was active in the past, but not in version 3.

This is an option to ‘split by letter’ or ‘keep by word’ for the word at the end of a long sentence that exceeds the width of the paragraph.

In other words, it is a property that determines whether line breaks are based on words or characters.

Where is this option??? I want to use it like the old version.

A few other users have brought this to our attention and it is something we’re looking into. This wasn’t an intentional change on our part, but rather likely a result of the change in framework and other alterations between the 1.x version of Scrivener and 3.0. The old version also did not have an option for how to handle the text wrapping in the editor, just a different (and presumably preferable!) default behaviour. Ideally we will be able to provide the option for a future update, but I can’t say definitely what we’ll be able to make work, as the developers need to sort out what’s changed and then what can be done to switch the behaviour.