Where is the ProWritingAid icon on Scrivener 3?

Hey, I have purchased ProWritingAid and was told I would find an icon on my Scrivener 3 for Windows. Can’t find it. Any help? Thanks, Dr. Bob

Usually, a third party application needs to run an integration program first. (Whatever the mother app is – LibreOffice, Word, whichever.)
I am not accustomed to PWA, but maybe check in the Windows’ start menu if there isn’t something like that under PWA’s folder.
Then run it (and reboot I guess).

I am not a PWA user, but found this, supposedly up to date as of 7 May:

"There is no dedicated ProWritingAid plugin or add-on available for Scrivener as there is for Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and some browsers. But there is a solution that is just as good—or better.

You’ll use the desktop app. It’s not difficult at all once you learn the basics of working in the ProWritingAid interface."

There are articles on the PWA web site about how to use the two programs.

Thank you both for your help. I did find a beta desktop app on ProWritingAid.com, and Surprise, It opens automatically with Scrivener. My problem is solved. thanks to all. Dr. Bob

Could you elaborate a little on that, @theholodoc ?

I’ve used both apps for a while, and as far as am aware, the only way ProWritingAid works with Scrivener projects is when you open them yourself, from the Files menu of the PWA desktop app.

Which is when you also very much want Scrivener to be closed…

No buttons or other inside Scrivener, or automatic paired opening, which I think would be quite dangerous, as neither app would know what was changed from the other, likely over-writing it…!

You do have a very nice integration available in MS Word, via a plugin. I’m of mixed mind how useful it is to have PWA attempting to natter on what you’re writing, but you can turn its pane off, nicely, and then turn it on again when you want analysis. Which is all on ‘a button’…

That’s very interesting, because when I try to open a Scrivener file from inside the PWA app it warns me not to have it open in Scrivener simultaneously. How did you manage it?

ProWritingAid has a new downloadable app, ProWritingAid Everywhere, which does the job. It is in its Beta version, but so far has worked without a glitch on my Windows 10 Pro O.S. Dr. Bob

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Aha :slight_smile: Will have try that here. From what it says on the notes I found, the control may be handy also for the negative case – PWA showing up on web forms where you are trying to write. You can turn it off when it does, but the button tends to be quite fiddly, in proximity to other controls the form may have.

So having it default off, but available, probably pretty handy. And yes, being able to use PWA wherever you want to, sounds quite useful, Scrivener included, given it’s smooth. For tomorrow :slight_smile:

Ok, I tried this – Scrivener and a few other places, not all possible yet as I’ll wait for it to show itself.

  • Scrivener: works, a little awkward with the floating window, but already showed it could be helpful, because it lets you deal with a single document at a time. Much better than the flood on a manuscript, indeed.

    There is no promised button, in Scrivener, and it does not always open automatically – only on the first text showing. But if you click in any document you’ve brought up, the floating PWA window will return, and be operatng on your active text.

    A big apparent problem comes when you click ‘ignore rule’, for example, on an item. It’s very possible PWA and Scrivener will then appear to be fully locked up, only beeping if you mouse anywhere. But what is happening is that they are allowing the ‘are you sure’ dialog to be forced behind the main Scrivener window.

    So if you use the upper-right icon to hide that window temporarily to the lower status bar, the dialog will show and you can operate it. Then, bring back the Scrivener window, and all works again from there.

  • Typora - does work there, does show a button lower right in the edit window. It is very small until you hover near it, but bright red. An interesting UX concept…

  • there’s a list of apps they think it works with. A bit of effort to integrate, I think we would recognize, but they are progressing on it.

So, overall? This upgrade is already useful, and probably makes me much more inclined to use PWA, actually, where it can do the most good, in the small. One can always go back and do the large-scale pass later.

I personally don’t care for its opinions of quite proper writerly moves with words, but these can be turned off, and again I’m much more inclined to deal with such, because I find it still catches hard to spot things like a noun without a plural to agree with an article.

Status of this Everywhere upgrade feels about where they put it – general release in some months time. We can help it improve for this by giving feedback, which I will.

Thanks for the heads-up, imaginer of Holodecks, or holistic physician, or… :slight_smile:

Oh yes, p.s. on dealing with the floating window in Scrivener: I found that just opening the Inspector takes care of compressing your text to the left, and gives a good spot to locate the float over. Done.