Where to set the chapter title in a novel with parts structure?

I’m new to Scrivener (I’m using version 3 ) and I want to write a novel with parts and I’m using the following structure:

- Folder for Part  I (Part Heading)
    - Folder for Chapter I (Chapter Heading)
        - File for scene (Scene)
        - File for scene (Scene)
    - Folder for Chapter II (Chapter Heading)
        - File for scene (Scene)
        - File for scene (Scene)

I don’t want to use the folder names for titles: they are just a guide for me.
The first line of the first scene if formatted with a “title” style, before the text body, and I wanted to use it as chapter title.

When I compile, I get the “Chapter 1” part as I configured.
But the title in the scene is ignored or, if I check the “title” in the “section layouts” it adds a “Scene 1” title but not the text title I want.

I’m probably doing something wrong or adding the title in the wrong way.

Can you please point me where should I add the title I want for the chapters (not in folder name, please) in a way it will be compiled in the right way (in the line below of the “Chapter 1” text)? Something like:

My wonderful chapter name

Sorry if this is a simple question, but the only examples I find do not use parts or scenes and I’m trying to solve this for a few days.

The “Title” box in the Section Layout specification refers exclusively to the title of the corresponding Binder item. You can format the text of the item however you want, and Scrivener will (depending on your settings) faithfully pass that formatting through to the output document, but it has no way to recognize body text as a “title.”

If it were me, I would put the title in the body of the folder document. That way it won’t get tangled up with your formatting for scenes.

What do you mean by “in the body of the folder document”?

I double clicked the folder and it opened the synopsis to edit… I added the title to that place but it didn’t work. I assume to edit the “body” I need to do it in another way?


Probably you want to turn on the option to “Include enclosing folder text in scrivenings mode.” Scrivener → Settings → Behaviors → Folders & Files on the Mac.

  1. In Scrivener, folder items have a body text area just like document items do. It is just that the default behavior when click on a folder is not set to show you that body text area — as this would be confusing to many.

  2. Putting your title at the top of your first scene and assigning it a defined style can also be made to work. You just need to define your title style in the way you want it to look when compiled. It sounded like yu had done this and it should have preserved that title look in your output, why didn’t it, I wonder?

  3. Another alternative would be to have a title document that you put before the first scene of a chapter. You can assign such documents a special Section Type (“Titling”), and this would enable you to customize your compile settings to format the text of such docs in your chosen titling style. (This same sort of move could be done on a chapter folder that had the title in the body text of the folder.) In this scenario, the totle text does not get an defined style assigned, rather compile is told how to make titling text look.