Where's the 'undo' button?


Sorry for possibly being dense, but how does one ‘undo’ in iOS Scrivener when using the on-screen keyboard?


Undo/Redo are on the predictive or shortcut row above the keyboard on the iPad; this row can be enabled or disabled in the iOS Settings.app under General > Keyboard. On the iPhone, it is in the editor navigation bar (though I believe Apple also includes an undo button in the lower left of the keyboard).

Another way you can “undo” and “redo” things on an iPhone is hold the device and shake it from side to side. A little popup then asks if you want to undo your changes (and if you undo them, you can shake the device again and it’ll ask if you want to redo them). I have no idea if this works on the iPad or not, but it’s a nifty little trick – especially if you are in apps that lack an undo button!

I knew I was being dense. But there’s still mileage left in this old brain, I swear. Thank you for the direction, friend.

You’re quite right about that on iPhone, but no shakey-shakey option on iPad! :slight_smile: