Where's the wizard?

K, in your video tutorial a when you start a new project a wizard window comes up giving options for novel, screenplay and the like. But my Scrivener doesn’t. Can you help.

I think you need to install the templates that come with Scrivener. There’s an installer in the DMG.

What mamster said. :slight_smile: On the DMG, it’s the Extras Installer that you need to run to install these.

In the next update the templates chooser has been much improved (it looks more like the ones in Pages and iWeb) and the default templates will be built-in so that you don’t have to install them separately.

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What’s the DMG?

DMG = disk image (it’s a common OS X file type for distributing applications or backing up work). When you first download Scrivener (from the product web page), you download a file called Scrivener.dmg. If you haven’t still got it on your hard drive, you need to re-download and launch it go get the Extras.
Hope that helps.

Got it, Keith, thanks. I didn’t recognise what was meant because it was capitalised DMG - I’m used to seeing it as .dmg