which proofread software works with Scrivener (Mac)?

Hello :slight_smile: since English is not my first language, I am looking for a proofread software to use with Scrivener. I have been trying to decide between buying the Premium version of Grammarly or Ginger and could definitely use some advice. Apparently, Grammarly is slightly better than Ginger but I also read that Ginger works better with Scrivener whereas if I decide to buy Grammarly I would have to copy and paste the text from Scrivener to Word, use Grammarly and then copy and paste back to Scrivener, is it any better or easier with Ginger? any advice? I always use Scrivener on my Mac. Thanks

It is not dedicated to the concept of understanding grammar and attempting to correct you on it, but Marked.app can load a Scrivener project while you are working on it, and display the contents of the Draft as a formatted preview. It has several proofing aids, such as word avoidance lists, repetition visualisation and so forth. You can leave it running beside your project window and it will update live as you write.

This tool probably won’t work well with word processor style usage of Scrivener (italics and paragraph formatting and all that) however. It is designed for Markdown writing, and so will be of more interest to those that use MultiMarkdown or Pandoc with Scrivener.

Ginger is a Windows-only application; it is unavailable for the Mac.

You may also want to consider ProWritingAid. I use it and Grammarly.

ProWritingAid is much easier to use with Scrivener, and the results are about the same regarding accuracy for grammar, spelling, readability.

The beauty of ProWritingAid is that it can read Scrivener files directly. Any changes made to a file within the ProWritingAid app are pushed out to the Scrivner package.

Grammarly has a nice browser extension that checks grammar and spelling on web pages. Right now, as I’m typing this response, there’s a little icon in the lower right-hand corner of the text box - that’s Grammarly chugging away behind the scenes.

Anyone looked at Antidote which appears to integrate more closely with Scrivener Mac?