Which template did I use?

Sounds silly, but let me explain.

Which template did I use on a project? Lately I’ve been experimenting with designing templates for my Scrivener projects. I have 5 projects based on 5 different templates.

I’ve decided which project works the way I prefer to work. However… I cannot find my records showing which template I used with which project.

Is there any way I can identify the template associated with my preferred project?

As far as I know, there’s no log file that stores which template a project came from. However, if the templates are distinct enough that one of them works better than the others, it’s a simple matter of finding the distinct feature(s) by creating new projects from each template in turn until you find whatever set-up is currently working well for you.

In the future, you might consider putting some identifying information somewhere in the project that won’t get in your way. The document notes for the how-to document found at the top of the binder in most templates might be a good spot.