Whirling pizza of death

Anyone else getting the WPD when doing a “save” in MacOS Scrivener (current versions of both Scrivener and Sierra)? I am awaiting a new top shelf 13" MBP, so it could be my dodgy system on the old machine. But is not something I had experienced before the last couple of days, and I’m not really seeing it on other apps. Any advice? (the WPD shows up for as long as a minute, sometimes even more, after a Save; quite disruptive of work).


That is certainly an atypical result. Have you checked to see if it happens in all projects or just one? I’d create a fresh tutorial using the Help menu and see if you can “save” (also what do you mean by that, since the software auto-saves whenever you pause for two seconds) that without a delay.

Otherwise the basic troubleshooting steps should be followed. Reboot, make sure the drive isn’t full, back up the computer and run Maintenance with default settings to clear out old caches and other potentially problematic temp files.

THANK YOU. I’ll assume it’s a jaundiced system, and see what happens after a fresh install. Should get the new baby up and running this evening.

Just wanted some reassurance