White screen of death ?


I’m a new user still on the trial at the moment. I’ve just had an instance where I was typing away quite happily and my entire screen just went white, no mouse pointer - and it wouldn’t react to keyboard input, mouse or anything else and had to be hard-rebooted.

Happily, thanks to automated saving, I’ve only lost a few minutes of work. Obviously in any OS, there’s a whole bunch of stuff running that could cause issues - but I’ve never had this type of issue before so I was wondering if it was something recognisable at all.

There was really nothing weird I was doing when it happened, I was using a horizontal split screen display with research note in one half, and my active chapter in the other… so I kind of hope I can’t reproduce it.

Anyway, there’s no crash log, I was wondering if there’s any sort of active log that Scrivener produces that might say what it was doing at the time, and tell me if there’s any exception/error/whatever it might have hit… or not.

With apologies for general vagueness.


This sounds more like a general video card glitch, but I could be wrong - I’ve never heard of anything like this happening before, nor seen anything like it, although of course that’s no guarantee that it wasn’t Scrivener’s doing. The only log that is likely to have anything relevant given that there wasn’t a crash is the console. You can see this by opening Console.app from ~/Applications/Utilities and looking for the time of the problem. However, that might not say anything as I think it may be cleared each time the computer is restarted, in which case it was probably cleared when you have to restart because of these very issues.

Sorry that isn’t all that helpful, but this is an odd one.

Thanks and all the best,