White space above PDF in Split Pane (Research) Editor

Hello all,

Not sure if this is normal/only happening my side/not worth quibbling over, but would appreciate some advice on the following:

Split my editors into horizontal views – top is where the writing is happening, bottom is from the Research Folder, with a pdf dragged in from Devonthink (DTPO > latest version).

As indicated in the screengrab - there is a strange white ‘dead–space’ above the pdf view, below the middle split toolbar, that is manageable on an external monitor, but eats up too much space on a 13" laptop screen?

This ever happen to anyone else? Suggestions?
Closed Scrivener, and launched it again, with no luck.

PS – apologies for the cut-off image file – but good enough to (I hope!) to convey the problem!
PPS – the whitespace remains static when I scroll the PDF – i.e. it stays as is at the top, with the PDF image displayed as one would expect, below it.

This is a Mac OS X bug with the PDF displayer. You will find more information about it, including a work-around in the knowledge base.

Ah - many thanks!