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Like many others, I am trying to figure out the Scrivener compile feature. A major annoyance for me right now is that Scrivener insists on putting a huge chunk of whitespace at the start of each chapter (see screenshot for example). How can I change the settings so that the chapter title is near the top of the page, and the white space is gone?

double-click on your compile format, and tweak this option :

(Do so for the proper section layout → if you have more than one in your compile format, look for the one in the list in the top section that happens to have a few lines of padding.)

If this is something you did on purpose for another part of your project, you’ll then have to create a new section type + a new section layout for that. If that is the case, do it then for whatever is less present of both situations throughout your project. (Less reassigning to do…)

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Great tip. I will add to my compile info

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One item to keep in mind as you’re changing that setting: Many publishers, journals, agents, and so on actually require that each chapter has a certain amount of whitespace at the beginning. Hence, Scrivener’s default formatting.

Make sure you’ve read and re-read any submissions guidelines for formatting your project, to ensure you’ve made changes that are appropriate.

Worked perfectly, thank you!! Hugely helpful.

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Great point, thanks! In this particular case, I am compiling articles for an internet freelance writing gig I am doing, so the white space is just annoying for my editor. But I have dealt with publishing requirements before, and you are exactly right.

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