White Space while Writing

Basically, Scrivener is really good for organizing and writing, but something started bugging me during the first time usage while creating a novel. That is the absence of white space.

While writing, the software adds lines as needed, After a while, you reach the bottom of the screen and lines start to get added after that. This causes you to be looking down at the last line of text and such could be an issue with some writers (I have my hand up here).

Suggestion - Have it so the bottom 1/3 of the writing area is always blank. This allows for a person to keep their head at a more comfortable angle while writing. This change of 10 degrees will make a huge difference for those who use the full screen mode of the software.


Version 3 on the Mac has an option to enable typewriter scrolling. I imagine the same feature is available on V.3 for Windows (presently in beta), if not the present version.

Yes, as mbbntu suggests, it sounds like the typewriter scrolling feature will give you what you want.

This is implemented in the current Windows 1.9 version. You toggle it in the regular editor and full screen modes independently using Ctrl-G, Ctrl-T.