White spaces appeared throughout my manuscript!

I have a 400K manuscript.Most of the text is not assigned a style. I decided to create a “Manuscript Style” for viewing in the Editor. I created it and assigned it to only one paragraph as a test. I realized that I had wrongly created a character style instead of a paragraph style so I deleted the style and created a new correct one. Again I only applied and tested this on the first paragraph of the manuscript. When I was done I scrolled down and saw that throughout the entire manuscript (over 20 chapters and 100+ scenes) there is now what appears to be about a 6 return space in the text every half page or so.

If I turn on hidden formatting there is no line break there. There is no reason this space should be there. I can’t delete it. I am sort of freaking out. I just tried Compiling and the spaces are not there when I compile–so is this just in the view of my Editor? Help!

Okay, I am a total idiot.

I must have accidentally hit a key combo and turned on page view–looks like it may have happened when trying to take a screenshot. Anyway, I have my settings in Page View such that there is no indication of being in Page View or where page breaks fall, so I thought there was random white space that could not delete when in fact I was just seeing the 2 inch margins of the page breaks.

I will leave this post up rather than delete to save another fool the same trauma.