Whole chapters missing from Compiled eBook

I am writing a non-fiction book with just text – no photos, tables, graphics etc
I’ve been testing the Compile function and every time the compiled outcome is missing two chapters at the very end.
I’ve used all kinds of pairs – ebook into epub, custom into .docx, custom into .doc etc etc
Two chapters are missing every time.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance. :frowning: :question:

First off, do the chapters appear in the compile Contents list? If not, they may have been placed at the wrong indent level in the binder, so they’re not contained within the Draft folder (which is what’s getting compiled). You can drag and drop or use Ctrl+Up/Down/Right/Left to move the chapters into position in the binder, then try compiling again.

If the chapters are listed in the compile contents, do they have a different icon from your other chapters, or in the binder are they more or less indented than the other chapters? If they’re not identical, they may be using different formatting rules, e.g. compiling only the title but not the body text. This could be fixed either by adjusting the chapters in the binder (e.g. right-clicking and converting from folder to file if the other chapters are text files) or by adjusting the compile formatting settings. If you need help sorting this out, a screenshot of the binder and of the current compile formatting settings would help us see what’s going on.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Have been tweaking according to your instructions but am failing. So here’s some screen shots.

Binder: Binder.JPG

Then, table of contents:toc.JPG

Chapter one Introduction has no text in it chapter a.JPG

At the end I have titles of chapter 7 and 8 without the text below them.

This is unrelated but when I check spelling for a specific word the drop down menu sometimes includes “synonyms” and “define” and sometimes it doesn’t. I fail to see why “synonyms” and “define” should be missing. Is this a bug? Is it deliberate? And if deliberate, why??? :question: :question:

Ah, okay, the screenshots help a lot. The automatic TOC is based on page/section breaks, which are set in the Separators tab of compile. Separators are defined between two types of documents, e.g. a text document followed by a folder, or a folder followed by a folder, etc. Going by the screenshot, which shows the items missing from the TOC are folders that immediately follow another folder (rather than following a text document), your need to set the folder/folder separator to “page break”.

Next, to fix the issue with the missing content, tick the “Text” box for the folder row in the compile Formatting tab. In your binder screenshot, you see that the folders all have a little document icon in the corner? That indicates that the folder itself contains text. “A History” and “Beginnings”, for instance, also have subdocuments, and presumably the text of these is compiling, but the text of the folders themselves probably is not, thus your “Introduction”, which only has that text, has nothing showing up.

That said, since you don’t seem to be missing text from the other chapters, I’d go through each of your folders in the editor to check its folder contents–it could be there’s just a space or something there that you can remove, or you might have put notes or other text there that you don’t want to compile, in which case ticking the “Text” box for folders might not be your best solution. To check the folder text, select the folder to load it in the editor, then click whichever of the group view mode buttons (Scrivenings, corkboard, or outliner) that is orange and selected. Toggling it off will show just the folder’s text in the editor. You should only need to do that the first, time; that view mode will be remembered when you load the other folders until you select a new group view.

As for “synonyms” and “define”, these are coming from a different tool, Princeton’s WordNet. Sometimes it has related words, and sometimes it doesn’t. Scrivener displays them in the menu if WordNet has anything for that word.

Wow! Can’t thank you enough-- life saver!!! I’m going back to tweak!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I an certain I’m testing your patience, but after all the tweaking and testing etc I am still not getting what I want (every step of the way, there’s another little change or function that I do not know how to complete, so I am caught in a never-ending cycle of trying to find the How-Two and not progressing in any direction-- very much like being caught in the Russian spring mud that stops tanks with complete ease)

I thought therefore to just create one long document out of all the nested documents (after converting all folders to documents) and compile that document by following the Introduction to Compile video offered by L&L.

If you have any suggestions as to how to do that (e.g. copy-and-paste everything right below the text of the Intro) I will be grateful.

Many many thanks. :cry: