Whole MS wiped

I have just had a whole project wiped - the whole thing - no trace

Its a book I have been working on for months

Its been backed up multiple times

It happened when I downloaded a update on Scrivener - even though it backed up before the download

I am totally gutted

Does this happen with this program?

I just can’t believe it…

Has anyone got any suggestion - is it hiding away somewhere? Just unbelievable :mrgreen:

Wow, sorry to hear that!

First, let me say that the program (including updates) cannot delete your files in this way. I don’t say this to be all defensive about the program but to give you some confidence that there is a good chance that they are still on your computer somewhere!

Do a file search for anything with *.scriv in the name. Hopefully that will find where they are hiding.

Also, make sure you email support directly as (1) they will be able to provide more targeted help, and (2) they will want to know!

Yowzers. Sorry to see you’re having trouble. First, by “wiped”, do you mean that it’s not in the recent items menu, or that you opened the project and all the files were blank, or something else entirely? Sometimes the recent items does get wiped during an upgrade, but I’ve never heard of a program upgrade seeking out projects and deleting them or clearing them out. I’m sure it’s on your hard drive somewhere, at least in a backup.

Good luck, and I echo PF’s advice: Get thee to the support email for the most expedient help possible; feel free to ignore my questions here if they’re already helping you track your project down.