Whole Word Substitutions

If there could be a way to apply substitutions only to whole words, that would be wonderful. There are some words that tend to give me keyboard dyslexia quite frequently, and so, I made substitutions for them with disastrous results since words containing those letters in the same order also get changed.

I made one for hte which is how the comes out when I’m typing at max speed and it would be lovely to be able to have that autocorrect itself. However, I would not want a lighter to become a ligther which is what happened when I tried to make the substitution.

There are also words I use frequently that require special handling. For example, I added a substitution to correctly add the accent mark at the end of the word fiancé and now whenever my characters act out in defiance, it becomes defiancé which is not at all what I need. A second substitution to change defiancé back to defiance does not work for some reason.

A similar toggle for project replace would also be useful since I had a similar problem when I changed a character’s name from Jack to Craig and then one of my characters put in his Craiget to go outside. :frowning:

Argh, I know this is an old thread, but yes, I have just started using Scrivener and am used to Word only autocorrecting whole words and didn’t realise Scrivener did it a different way. I absolutely agree with what you said. I am writing fiction and have used autocorrect for longer or difficult to spell names, meaning I need only write two or three particular letters to have the name appear the moment I press space (or add a comma etc.). Substituting in the middle of a word has got to be the wrong behavior, surely? This might actually shift me back to Word.

Ugh, and why can’t you edit posts in this forum…?

I’ve boosted your trust level to allow you to edit. The forum restricts new users as an anti-spam measure.

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Ah, cool. Thanks for that. It’s mildly embarrassing my making spelling mistakes on a writers forum!

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Have you tried the Project > Project Settings > Auto-complete list? This workes just a you write above.

Didn’t know about that, and I assumed the ‘Suggest completions as you type’ thing was one of those ‘bad attempt to autocomplete you sentence’ type tools that I’ve had to turn off in browsers and word. Glad it’s not.
Now I’ve tried it, eh, I guess it’s better than nothing, but I’m pretty sure once I have a few items in the list, the small pop up box is going to be annoying as it flashes on and then disappears for every word I type. But I’ll give it a try. But I suspect a less intrusive solution will be for me to substitute as I tried above but with a combination of letters that won’t be in other words i.e I put a ‘q’ in front of the substitution I want. So instead of ‘ad’ substituting in ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’, I’ll use the code ‘qad’ instead. As long as I avoid any qu’s I’ll be sorted!