"whole word" works in Edit/Find, but not in Project Search or Collections

I’ve loaded Darwin’s little book, “On The Origin of Species” into Scrivener. When I perform a search using the Find item in the Edit menu, the option “whole word” correctly returns only matches of the exact word “fit” while ignoring “fitness” and “fits” and “fitterer”. But when I select he same option “Whole word” in the project search (and collections), Scrivener mistakingly returns every word that contains the string “fit” anywhere in it. In fact, selecting the option “whole word” doesn’t seem to have any effect at all on the matches returned. Same with any other string I have searched for. Is this a bug? Is there something I can do to fix this? A workaround?

A better way to report bugs to L&L is as advised to you earlier:

Yes, perhaps. But one might think that a user would not have to do anything beyond writing to this forum. If I wrote a bug ticket (as you have suggested), I wouldn’t be helping others who purchased Scrivener and are dealing with the same problem. Surely there is someone here in this forum who works for Literature and Latte and is tasked with escalating user notifications here to the correct department where it can be fixed? One of the options in the required fields when posting a new topic to this group is “Bug”. That is what I selected (as is indicated directly below the title of this topic (above).

L&S wisely, productively, and as announced works bug reports as stated numerous times.

I know you wish something different, but …

Perhaps this thread can be closed?

The cool thing about our support ticket system is that it has a wide variety of features to facilitate bug tracking. The entire conversation is together in a single thread, whoever answers the ticket will be notified of future updates, it’s easy to bring other members of the team into the conversation, it allows us to share potentially sensitive information like the contents of a user’s project, etc.

None of which is true of the forums.

Which is why I – who do in fact work for L&L – suggested that the best way to report a potential bug is to open a support ticket. Which, again, you can do here:

Now do you want to argue about how we use our support tools, or do you actually want to make progress toward a solution to your issue?


Why? The issue pointed to here in this topic has not been addressed in any responses. Specifically:

  1. Are others experiencing the same problem?
  2. Is this a known issue?
  3. Is there a workaround?

I was not able to duplicate the issue in a quick test. Which is why I suggested sending a sample project. Which is why I encourage you to use the system we have designated for that purpose.

I’m going to close this thread. Arguing about our support systems doesn’t help anyone.